Dr Condon Photo     


     Dr. Laura Condon

      Dr. Condon is an assistant professor in the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences 


      Office: 324e Harshbarger




Current Lab Members

Katie Markovich


     Katie Markovich - Postdoctoral Researcher

     National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow

     Project : Sustainable groundwater management in arid mountain block systems










     Garrett Rapp - MS Student

      Project - spatial controls of mountain block recharge and groundwater residence times






Previous Lab Members

group photo
Nima Fayez, Laura Condon, Quercus Hamlin, Emily Gaub and Karyn Ehmann (Fall 2017)


Emily Gaub, MS Syracuse University, Spring 2018. Thesis:Evaluating Baseflow Recession Behavior using the Integrated Hydrologic Model ParFlow

Nima Fayez, MS Syracuse University, Spring 2018. Thesis: Climate Change Impacts on Western Reservoir Operations: A Case Study of Bull Run Watershed, Portland, Oregon

Karyn Ehmann, MS Syracuse University, Fall 2017. Thesis: Monitoring turbidity from above: Applying small unoccupied aerial vehicles to image in-stream turbidity